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Do you have a question about Michigan’s history? Are curious what museum or archives staff do at the Michigan History Center? Ask us!

One way you can ask questions is to fill out the form below so the Michigan History Center staff can review them and respond. We will respond to questions posed by educators via the email they provide within the form.

Our team of historians, curators, education specialists, designers, and archivists author short stories on Michiganology as a response to student or class questions. These stories always start with “Kid Queries” in the title. If you want to look at staff answers to kid questions, visit the story archives page on Michiganology. Be sure to select “Kid Queries” as a category.

If you have questions about visiting the Michigan History Museum or any of the other field sites in person, this it not the form for you. Please direct those queries to the Michigan History Center contact page.

We want to help your students learn to love history — especially Michigan history! Do not hesitate to reach out to us! Find your story. Let us help!

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