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There are issues with Michiganology. But not to worry. Michigan History Center staff is working hard to address these issues. However, fixes take time because we work with multiple partners to resolve these problems.

The Michigan History Center strives to be transparent in resolving issues with Michiganology. In order to do this, we generated a “bug” list of known problems. These bugs are listed below. If we know when a bug is likely to be fixed, we will add the date to the bug on the list.

If you are experiencing a problem that isn’t listed below, please submit the problem you are encountering through the feedback form. Due to the volume of feedback we receive and the effort it takes to resolve these issues, we are unable to contact you directly if you submit feedback. If you wish to be updated on our progress, please check back here.

Current Bugs

  • Images not displaying at the item level.
    • This appears to be happening sparadically. If you encounter this problem, please submit a bug to the feedback form and note how long you were using the website before you could not longer see the full images.
  • Some death records (from 1918) download as JPG2000 rather than JPG. This makes it impossible to open the downloads in most applications.
    • Archives staff is working to migrate those images from JPG200 to JPG.
  • Michigan census pages are JPG2000 and need to be migrated to the JPG format.
  • The “Per Page” dropdown options do not work. No matter what you select the search results only display 18 options.
    • The top “per page” dropdown options now work, but the bottom on does not. We are working to fix the bottom dropdown as well.
  • Counties within death records do not appear alphabetically.
  • The “Show More” link within the “Refine Your Selection” does not display more options.
  • If an option within the “Refine Your Selection” is selected it does not stay selected if more to a new page of results.
  • No way to search state census records in particular. Same is true for survey notes.
  • Not able to search death records by birth year.


  • The “Per Page” dropdown options now work at the top of search results.
  • Date searching in advance search works.
    • Remember that you can type in a date rather than using the calendar (which starts on today’s date) to input a date.
  • Search results can now be sorted alphabetically.
  • Thumbnails are visable in search results.
  • Most JPG2000s have been migrated to JPGs.

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